Trustle is the Fast, Easy Entitlement Management for Developer Teams

About Trustle

We invented a new paradigm, a major shift from the outdated Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) approach. RBAC was brittle and tedious to manage resulting in over provisioned permissions and ineffective recertification processes.

Trustle uses modern ML-based analysis to continuously track and update what permissions users have across multiple SaaS and IaaS systems based on actual usage, keeping your organization more secure and effectively compliant.

Our mission is to enable every organization of any size to automate access control and compliance reviews easily and highly effectively.

Our Founders

Our founders Jon Debonis and Emiliano Berenbaum founded Trustle to address the frustration they personally felt with legacy identity and access management solutions.

Jon portrait
Jon Debonis

Jon was formerly the CISO for Blend and an accomplished security engineer, having built security programs and tools for leading financial services, healthcare, and technology companies.

Emiliano was the first employee at Okta and a key architect in pioneering cloud single sign-on solutions. They met working together to develop the standards for SPIFFE - the CNCF adopted standard for workload identity.

Emiliano portrait
Emiliano Berenbaum

Our Team

Our team includes engineers from top orgs including Google, Netflix, Stripe, Okta, Splunk, Kaiser Permanente, and Blend Labs Inc.

All of us have struggled with access. It’s a balance between security, compliance, and doing what’s best for the business.

We believe the decades old solutions like RBAC / LDAP are antiquated. They treat access as static and binary. It’s extremely disruptive and time consuming to remove access and clean up.

To make matters worse, access reviews for compliance were mired down with burdensome processes and poor quality data that overwhelmed their approvers.

Recognizing that legacy solutions were just not architected for this new world order, they set out to reinvent access management and administration for the modern era. Soon, Trustle was born.

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