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Dynamic Permissions for DevSecOps Teams

About Trustle

Trustle provides visibility and manageability of organizations’ most critical systems: cloud platforms, developer platforms, and identity systems. The Trustle platform accounts for the nuances of each critical system and quickly identifies areas that require attention. Our approach is to focus on the most prevalent attack vectors—namely, account takeovers and over privileged accounts. Trustle gathers a wealth of information of each connected system to make recommendations, warn of significant changes in policy, and instill approval processes for access changes to sensitive resources.

Given our approach to permissions management, audit and certification reports are continually available, with a fully documented record of approvals and business justifications.

Our mission is to enable every organization of any size to automate access control and compliance reviews easily and highly effectively.

Our Management Team

Our founders, Emiliano Berenbaum and Jon Debonis, created Trustle to address the gaps they experienced in properly securing cloud platforms and prod infrastructure. Cloud systems are—at once—the most critical and least protected assets, mainly because current solutions lack the depth and alignment with modern operating models.

Emiliano Berenbaum

Founder & CEO

Emiliano was the first employee at Okta and a key architect in pioneering cloud single sign-on solutions. Emiliano met Jon while working to develop the standards for SPIFFE—the CNCF-adopted standard for workload identity.

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Mike Neuenschwander

Chief Product Officer

Mike is a pioneer of the IAM space, first as a product owner of Novell’s directory and identity products, then as Research Director for Burton Group’s IAM Service (now Gartner). Mike has since held several roles in consulting and product in IdM, including at Accenture, Mycroft (now EY), and Oracle.

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Miguel Nhuch

Chief Revenue Officer

Miguel Nhuch has an impressive track record for building early-stage start-ups into valuable, mature companies. Miguel was a key part of management teams that took three companies to very successful IPOs (including Forté and Tableau) and two companies through very valuable acquisition (including Weblogic and Encommerce). Miguel brings to Trustle experience in all aspects of direct and indirect go-to-market strategies, a strong worldwide network, and a stellar reputation with customers and investors alike.

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Our Story

Trustle was founded in 2019 on the simple question of “why can’t I find out who has access to what?” As practitioners ourselves, the seemingly never-ending stream of approval requests that the business generates daily was overwhelming; it was similarly impossible to manage cloud resources and code repositories with using the standard roles and groups.

It became clear to us that there was still work to be done on cloud platforms and operations management.

We founded the company to answer all of those needs in a much deeper, more meaningful way. Trustle now offers deep integration across platforms, with many more integrations on the way.

We are hiring!

Help us build the next generation identity and access management platform.

Sales Director


Trustle is launching a modern approach to managing permissions on cloud platforms. We need a very strong inside sales manager to help us build our pipeline and sales team. If you’re interested in starting from the ground up with a fast-growing startup, reach out! We’d love to talk to you.