IntroducingFast Entitlement Management for Developers

Discover Risk, Fix Access Creep, Improve Compliance

Automate continuous permissions discovery and refresh. Remove friction from revoking over-provisioned access. Say farewell to role-based access control.

Most organizations find Role-based Access Control to be brittle and tedious to manage, resulting in over provisioned permissions and ineffective recertification processes.

"Onboarding new users was a breeze with Trustle - it's magic to see a whole team's common access, and click to provision for new users."
-- Unicorn startup CISO

Challenges with Existing Identity and Access Management Solutions


Hard to define roles, difficult to decode them, and lacking historical insights.

Access Creep

Permissions end up collecting over time with entitlements that users don’t actually need.


IT must navigate business approvals and resistance to audit and revoke any access.

Meet the new paradigm for access control

Improve security posture and compliance with an easy-to-use platform

Seamless Deployment

Connect new resources within 30 minutes, eliminate deployment and integration headaches and expenses

Discover Risk

Instantly identify and visualize high risk entitlements, over-provisioned access, and account usage

Continuous Access Pruning

Real-time automation keeps permissions current with ML-driven analysis and intelligence based on what users actually need today

High Quality Automated Compliance

Improve and automate recertification workflows with advanced intelligence that prioritizes and highlights anomalies and problem areas

Holistic Platform

A single solution that offers identity governance and administration, multi-cloud privileged access, and entitlements management, all in one unified platform

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