Trustle Platform
Need-Based Access Control

Trustle leverages dynamic ML-powered analysis based on actual utilization to easily discover over-provisioned access, continuously clean up entitlements, enable multi-cloud privileged access, and improve and accelerate compliance.

access recertification -- continuous access pruning -- multi-cloud privileged access

ML-Powered Usage Intelligence

  • Real-time analysis of user access, peer group comparisons, and risk
  • Easy-to-digest sensitivity scores quantify areas that need attention
  • Unified view of usage per resource, easily identifying outliers
  • User data visualization

Discover Over-Provisioned Access

  • ML-based analysis based on actual usage history
  • Rapidly identify access permissions no longer needed
  • Visualize risk scores per resource

Continuous Access Pruning

  • Continuously analyze real-time usage and revoke unused access
  • Dynamic permission assignment and revocation with context and intelligence
  • Set access expiration dates by default at account creation

Multi-cloud Privileged Access Management

  • Analyze access and privileges of all administrator accounts
  • Unified visibility across all cloud environments
  • Monitor admin access keys, assignments, and usage
  • Grant privileged access on demand as-needed for a scheduled period

Access Recertification

  • Prioritize outliers and problem areas for approver attention
  • Automate change reporting and remediation with user-friendly workflows
  • Rapidly compare changes from previous audits to minimize workload
  • Holistic recertification – works with both connected resources or offline systems
  • Meet GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy mandates easily and affordably

Simple Deployment

all within 30 minutes







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